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It’s long been said that making your brand relevant to Asians is much more than a good Simple Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese translation of your current brand messaging. Today’s American Asian Communities represent a significant economic opportunity for those companies who want to position themselves as an optimum source provider. In many instances, such as Northeast Ohio, it is critical to develop branding strategies which are relevant to the Asian cultural traditions and taboos. Creating messages in native language requires significantly smarter thinking than simply translating.

Just ask one of our casino clients, Presque Isle Downs and Casino. Through the course of our process we helped them increase their Asian gaming patronage by 375% in 8 months. (really…no kidding)

Now it just so happens that Presque Isle Downs & Casino is a smart, passionate client working on a daily basis to be certain the entire company organization lives up to exceed their Asian brand promise – not to mention a continual focus on refining that brand promise to keep it relevant to continually grow their Asian customer base. (We love working with smart clients like this…)

They came to us specifically because they had done their homework and figured out that Johnny Wu, our principle brand strategist for Dynamic Multicultural Branding, personally showed up on their radar as a significant opinion influencer in the Northeast Ohio Asian Community.

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We led them through casino branding strategies and marketing communications programs designed to imbed the casino into the Asian community as the Brand Name for this type of entertainment.

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The casino also developed an Asian themed restaurant and brought on an Asian Host. They understood the need to re-craft their current brand and use this re-crafted brand only to the Asian market.

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In addition to the casino branding core creative, we also helped them develop a micro-website about the casino at a custom domain name: Chinese and Vietnamese as well. We had them create another tier of club member cards calling it “The Emperor’ s Club” Other tactics along the Asian customer journey included special events such as Asian Idol Karaoke, Moon Festival, Asian Thanksgiving Concert, Lunar New Year Celebration, and an Asian Music Festival.

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