Framed Processed Case Studies: Clear Choice Realty

 Non-commission Realty Company: Brand Renovation




Our process works with large and small branding assignments. Work begins with work through a quantitative method aimed to learn and understand cultural (customer demographic and psychographic) phenomena which reflect the knowledge and system of meanings guiding the life, wants, preferences, and characteristics of the defined group. Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, and experimental analysis.


clear choice realty 2

We simplify the Customer Attributes (pictured above) – converging down to the most relevant ones. Then, we do the same for Brand Attributes. These lists are important touchstones throughout the process and are very important to match steps in the customer journey. This assures the marketing plan is comprehensive and will persuade on multiple levels.

Based on internal and external insights gained, our team brainstorms through the data, interviews, and overall insights to determine the most emotionally gripping visual foundation. We explore the competitive environment, past history, and future possibilities. Here we are testing different words, designs, colors and imagery all for the purpose of relevant differentiation.

clear choice realty 3


The resulting mood board guides the development of the new brand identity. It defines what fonts, colors, and images mean to t e target consumer’s brand experience. We also work to develop the nomenclature, an icon and a tagline which will be used to roll out the new brand. This procedure makes it possible to communicate what the brand promise is throughout the organization.


A new or renovated brand is born. We frequently work to anticipate most of the usage environment of the brand.

We then work to develop a marketing plan centered around the Customer Journey, which starts with Discovery. What will work most effectively to put that branding message where it will be seen, and work its persuasion to move a consumer to Commitment. What design strategies will maximize the attraction of the Brand Attributes to the Consumer attributes so that the consumer is dialed into the brand promise. Once the consumer finds and samples the brand, they become so emotionally connected to the brand experience that they want to recommend the experience to everyone they know. That’s results.






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