Effective Brand Renovation

When is a company or product brand considered OUTDATED or not as effective anymore?

Most of the brand renovation clients we work with have “just known” they had a branding problem for some time before we meet them. It could be new and increased competition, it could be changes in the board room or executive suite, or your customers may be telling you that your company and organization is simply not living up to what they believed was your brand promise.

We work with a qualitative method aimed to learn and understand cultural (customer demographic and psychographic) phenomena which reflect the knowledge and system of meanings guiding the life, wants, preferences and characteristics of the defined group. Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, experiential analysis, etc.

What attitudes, values, and beliefs are currently happening with the brand – what could be possible with the brand?

Could ideas we develop that charm, entertain, inform, grab, tug and win-over possibly lead to an increase in 30%… maybe even 85% over current revenue levels?

In many cases, we find that there is significant market equity in some parts of the “old” or existing brand. This leads our process to keep those parts of the brand which are still carrying significant value – such as the name or parts of the name – and develop

We are accomplished at this.

For what it’s worth, here are a few bottom line samples of our clients before they hired Sampson/Carnegie and what our process did for them after they hired us. We do have many, many examples of brand renovation and original brand development case studies. We know that every branding problem is unique to the owner of that brand and perhaps these samples won’t mean anything to you.

Of course, we do know that the stories behind these images are the stuff of legends, ask us.¬†We just might tell you a few…



Clear Choice Before
Clear Choice After
Matrix Before
Matrix After
Ebys Before
Eby's After


Dons Pomeroy  Before
Don's Pomeroy After


Trion Brand Before
Trion Judicata Brand After



See Our Framed Process Case Study: Matrix Proven POS



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