Implementation of Social Media

Social media can be seen as a starship with a mission of curiosity to other worlds… but some companies would rather drive their classic Thunderbird into the great beyond. Companies that are newer to social media can be a bit resistant to the implementation social media strategies.

The implementation of social media can be a rather large shift for some companies because it may change their overall orientation towards marketing and communication. So I approach social media implementation from an organizational change perspective.


Like organization change, social media needs to implemented with the following areas in mind:


How invested organizational leadership in social media? Is the CEO resistant? Do they want to be involved? How do they envision social media being used? By having leadership “lead” the charge of social media it sends
the message throughout the organization that social media is valued and should be utilized.


What is the culture of the organization? Does the culture of the organization create resistance to social media? Does it allow managers to embrace it? Organization culture is huge in implementing social media because without a culture that appreciates it… you may be encountering a lot of resistance along it implementation.

Vision & Strategy:

Why are you doing social media? What is the organizational strategy ? Vision and strategy give social media its purpose without it there is no reason to even start doing social media.

Systems & Policies:

Another large area of social media implementation is the creation of policies that control social media use and communication. Policies allow communication to be consistent across the
organization’s social media channels and control social media messaging.

Organizational Structure:

How will “the work” of social media be structured? If you are working with a decentralized organization does the communication come from several social media managers or does it just come from one? Who is
monitoring the social media communication and how does that communication get relayed back to leadership?

Ultimately, by examining these main areas, it will help identify where in the organization there is opportunity for change to allow successful social media implementation

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