The Matrix of Facebook

One of the models I use for facebook strategy is Augie Ray’s Facebook Fan Valuation Matrix.

The Matrix is divided into 4 quadrants:

Acquisitions: Why do fans “like” you on facebook?

Understanding: What do you know about your facebook fans?

Engagement: How are facebook fans using your page?

Influence: How influential are your fans?



One of the first steps to growing a fan base is trying to get them to like your facebook page. You can do this by placing a facebook logo with a link to your facebook on your website, email signature, physically within your business, and on other social media accounts. Fans can also be encouraged to “like” your fanpage by contests or offering them specials. Ideally, a good facebook strategy would try to slowly shift the acquisition of the fanpage so that there is organic fan growth. For example, a fan posting on the page about how good the tuna was at a particular restaurant and encouraging others to try it.


Understanding your fans is the root of any good social media strategy.  Knowing your fans will allow for more laser like posting on facebook rather than using a shotgun method of posting. From my experience the more “shotgun” like the post the more-likely fans will “unlike” your page. The more laser like the post the more-likely a fan will share it. Like most email campaigns, social media is about appealing to the potential client so that they are receiving relevant information. If I was receiving random messaging from a facebook account that clogged up my news feed… I would be annoyed.


I believe understanding your fans and having engagement on your fan page are correlated. By having relevant content like events, messages, photos etc. fans will feel engaged and more likely to share and interact with the page’s content. Unlike websites, social media allows users to engage and have an experience on your fan page. The fan page also deeper view into the overall feel of your organization. If I was selecting restaurants and I noticed there were pictures from the establishment with multiple positive comments from fans and awesome events happening… I would probably want to check the place out!


Who are the heavy hitters on your fanpage? Having influential fans create a quality page. For example, having a blogging food critic with over 1,000 active facebook friends post a a positive review on your page…would drum up some serious publicity. Ideally, due to positive experiences at your business and on your facebook page, fans will become brand/social advocates. In other words, they would be the first tell their friends about your business, share a link, tag a photo, and write a review.



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