Original Brand Development

There is excitement in the air when a company with intent to take over the market has a new brand.

Most of the original brand development clients we work with never seem to get us involved as early as they should. Sometimes our client already has an approved name, however, most of the time we use our method to develop a relevant nomenclature, cool icon and a tag line that works – all of this differentiates our clients right out of the gate and in most cases brings in higher revenue than what was outlined in the business plan.

To develop a brand from scratch, we work with a qualitative method aimed to learn and understand cultural (customer demographic and psychographic) phenomena which reflect the knowledge and system of meanings guiding the life, wants, preferences and characteristics of the defined group. Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, and experiential analysis to develop appropriate branding strategies.
What attitudes, values, and beliefs are currently happening with the brand – what could be possible with the brand?

Could ideas we develop that charm, entertain, inform, grab, tug and win-over possibly lead to a shorter path to achieving a Name Brand status?

“We asked them for a brand, and they gave us a soul.”

– we hear this all the time (and we really like it)

We are accomplished at this.

For what it’s worth, here are a few bottom line samples of original brands we have created for our clients. We do have many, many examples of branding case studies. We know that every brand development is unique the owner of that emerging brand and that perhaps these samples won’t mean anything to you.

Of course, we do know that the stories behind creating these brands are the stuff of legends, ask us – we just might tell you a few.

A few of the brands we have created:



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